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"Leaf me alone." [wingnut4772]


"Leaf me alone." [wingnut4772]

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how i finish a dressage test on finn

a hundred bucks says he’s trying to subtly recover from the pain shooting through his insole because he landed too hard :’)



how i finish a dressage test on finn

a hundred bucks says he’s trying to subtly recover from the pain shooting through his insole because he landed too hard :’)

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when the maknae gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle








wait a minute

actually, no. don’t wait a minute. i will accept this. i would just clear the bullshit-factory from my mind, get sussed out, constantly have my shit together in every situation, and charged my entire being with creativity and awareness.

i am so down with this~

Yes please.

No more depression. No more anxiety. No more losing my temper at stupid shit. No more crippling fear for the future… None of it. 

You guys don’t think big enough.

Feeling motivated and pumped 24/7. Conscious access to your pattern-matching faculties and muscle and generic memory. Splinter your hemispheres and delegate different tasks for improved multi-tasking. Whatever it is you’re doing, from rocket science to playing Starcraft for a living, you’d be dominating the field in a decade.

not big enough.

with 100% brain power you can learn anything much faster than anyone on earth and master it at a record pace, you could out program entire companies, out smart geniuses, never sleep as you can rest your brain in phases become the all powerful being.

We could go even bigger. With complete control, you could bypass the internal memory system in your head. You could remember every thought, every event, every SECOND of your life, even change your memories if you so choose. And if you can get your brain to bypass the simple system it uses to store memories, think of what else you could bypass. You could literaly rewire your brain to be whatever you desired. Suddenly things that used to be thrust upon us could suddenly be changed, from mental disabilities like those mentioned above, to how you go about your day to day life. Going EVEN BIGGER, your brain, is what controls you in its entirety. Having complete control over your brain, that could give you control over things like your metabolism, the rate your fingernails and hair grow, etc.

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Charismatic, the 1999 Kentucky Derby/Preakness winner and Horse of the Year, enjoying the life of a king at Shizunai Stallion Station in Japan

The chestnut stallion, who turned 18 this year, had sired a good group of stakes winners in Japan: Wonder Acute (2012 JBC Classic), Equal Partner (2010 Tokyo High-Jump), and Gouldings Green (2006 and 2007 Seagram Cup), to name a few. He also has a handful of American babies, including Easy Red (2006 Jennings Handicap) and Sun King (2005 Tampa Bay Derby, runner-up in the 2005 Haskell Invitational and 2006 Woodward Stakes)

So good to see him living the good life still. I was 12 when he won the Derby and Preakness, and I remember crying for HOURS when he was injured in the Belmont. My parents were quite baffled.

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2007 Andalusian Stallion

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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel in “Friends” (x)

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St Nicholas Abbey and Ryan Moore (purple silks) after they won the 2011 Coronation Cup with fourth-place finishers Dandino and Paul Mulrennan.

St Nicholas Abbey would go on to become the most successful horse in the race’s history, as he won it again in 2012 and 2013. 

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

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The fact that Korra and Asami are best friends is gloriously ironic, and I love it.

You have the non-bending daughter of an Equalist who wanted to eradicate benders completely paired with the Avatar herself, the only person who can not only bend one element, but all four. Asami is Chief Executive Officer of the company that once played a major role in Korra’s near assassination. 

Not only that, but since both of them found themselves being pulled into a competitive love triangle situation (the age old “they both dated the same guy basically at the same time” position) they’d naturally be made up as rivals. But instead of fighting over the guy, the two became closer for it and turned that trope on its head. 

For both of them, their friendship is their closest non-familial human relationship (and in the current canon, it’s the closest relation we see Asami have with anyone).

Their enemy status seemed almost predetermined, but with maturity, kindness, and a lot of natural compatibility, they pulled off a remarkable and supportive friendship. I think that’s amazing.

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